Sierra M. Neverdusky Foundation

The Sierra M. Neverdusky Foundation is based on the concept to develop and support the needs of the children needing extra supports with behavioral management programs and services needed for Emotionally Disturbed Children and eventually providing individualized support system involving the child’s whole support system and family members.

The Sierra M. Neverdusky foundations concepts is based on the developmental needs of these children and the behavioral management programs and services needed for Emotionally Disturbed Children and providing individualized supports for planning of services and environments in which the children, fathers and their families can develop positively and increase the positive influences in which they can grow.  The main focus of the foundation is to explore funding sources to develop better programs for families with children diagnosed with emotional disturbances, as well as increasing support of families staying together as families.

The programs in which the foundation will explore are after school programs, in school supports systems and recreational programs for children with emotional disturbances can fully develop with the correct supports and within their communities as healthy and productive adults. Future development of a media center for IFRO to develop computer skills and training to consumers is being developed as a part of the Hope House for men and for Fathers and their families to expand computer training and access to the community at large.

Planning and Development

The main planning for the IFRF is for the development of the Hope House for men and the Sierra M. Neverdusky Foundation. The Hope House will be established initially to increase the daily living skills, job enhancement skills, educational training and increase the financial viability of recently released inmates. Programs within the Hope House will be developed with the goal of family support as well as the father’s support needs focused on for support needs. Parent training services, supervised visitation programs to increase positive family interaction skills with their children as a needed support will be focused upon within the Hope House program. Increasing the development of job skills and financial planning skills for fathers will contribute to financial viable need for recently released inmates who are fathers and to increase the supports needed to adapt to the social environment which they now find themselves without reverting to the cause of their imprisonment.

 The goal of the Hope House for men will develop the support system needed to complete the job training, educational needs and basic living skills many of these men lack due to incarceration. The objective for the programs within the Hope House are to increase the independent living skills of men and increasing the commitment of the men within the program to develop a positive relationship with their children and families to create a stronger base for themselves and increasing the financial commitments needed to their children and families to create a stable future and stable financial viability. Connecting local businesses, employers and the men within the Hope House program will be a major thrust of development of this program as well as increasing the educational services within the local educational institutions to provide a positive development for men and fathers to increase job skill in non-traditional and traditional areas of work to increase economic and financial viability for themselves and support their families.